Sunday, November 1, 2009

Prelude to New Moon IM stationery

Wahoooo!! 18 days and New Moon will be out!!! I can't wait. I saw my first commercial for New Moon on the USA channel 105 today. You can tell it's getting closer now that the advertisements are starting. I can hardly wait. My husband went out of town last week and bought me a New Moon t-shirt. I Love that man!!!!

So my friend Stina, who by the way has Twilight fever like the rest of us :) created this awesome new kit called Prelude to New Moon. As soon as I saw it I knew what image I had to use with it. I've had the image for a while and have permission from the artist Marijke Peeters. to use her work. It's the first stationery I've created using Jacob and Bella. After finishing it I had to take some time and go read New Moon again. I finished it at 1:00am and started Eclipse but had to put it down because I could hardly keep my eyes open. I'll probably get back to reading it tonight when the day settles down. Stina also created another kit called ClairDeLune and I'm going to create another stat next with that one so check back. Of course you know that one will have to feature Edward and Bella. If you would like to purchase either of these kits you can get them at Twilight Scraps.
Click on the preview to download from 4shared. If you are addicted to Twilight like I am and are interested in my other Twilight Stationery look to the left and click on the label called IncrediMail Stationery : Twilight. It will move it all on the same page and make it easier to click the links.

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